2022 Mid-Atlantic Alcuin Retreat

Putting the Big Ideas to Work

The Mid-Atlantic Alcuin Fellowship Retreat : 17-19 March 2022

The Veritas School, Richmond, VA

Retreat Highlights
  • Theme: Putting the Big Ideas to Work

  • Duration: Two days in length (March 17-19) with an informal gathering for those who arrive on the evening of March 16. The retreat will end by noon on Saturday, March 19.

  • Leadership: Alcuin Fellows from the Mid-Atlantic chapter will be present to lead the retreat and engage others in conversation
  • Presentations: Presentations are paced to allow time for conversation and discussion between sessions
  • Cost: $150 (includes several meals). Space is limited to 35 participants. Register by March 10, 2022.
  • Food: The cost includes coffee/tea, lunch, snacks, dinner, dessert, and drinks on Thursday and Friday, and Saturday morning coffee/tea.
  • Lodging: Great options for lodging include Linden Row, Quirk Hotel, or AirBnB. We are happy to answer questions about suitable places and parts of town.
  • Registration: Educators can register by clicking this link: Register for the Mid-Atlantic Retreat
  • LocationThe Veritas School in Richmond, VA
  • Questions: For questions contact Andrew Smith at: asmith@veritasschool.com




The Christian Classical renewal in education has gained much traction and momentum over the last 25 years or so. The big ideas and paradigm-shifting purposes of this model of education are firmly established. Our schools are convinced that cultivating virtue, training the affections, prioritizing the verbal and mathematical arts, and teaching the great books are all necessary for a proper education. Furthermore, many of our schools have honed specific practices for implementing these ideas that are working very well and are transferable to other schools.

As is the practice of the Alcuin Fellows, we gather for the purpose of sharing fellowship, food & drink, and great ideas. In our regional chapters, we are able to offer smaller retreats, at an affordable price, that bring more schools into the conversation. Our theme, “Putting the Big Ideas to Work,” explains the content and goal of our formal presentations and informal discussion. We want to share with you the concrete practices in our schools that are taking the big ideas seriously and implementing them with consistency. Not only will you experience rich conversation around these ideas and practices, you will also be able to observe various aspects of how things work at our campus, in real-time, on a school day here at Veritas. If you are a teacher (lower school, upper school, or college), administrator, or board member, you will find this retreat enriching and encouraging, and your school will benefit from your participation.


Speakers and Facilitators      

This retreat is hosted by the Mid-Atlantic chapter of the Alcuin Fellowship. Our fellows will serve as presenters and discussion leaders. They are:


Robyn Burlew

Head of Upper School, Veritas, Richmond, VA


Josh Gibbs 

Humanities Teacher, Veritas, Richmond, VA

Writer and Author, Circe Institute



Jesse Hake

Director of ClassicalU, Classical Academic Press



Chris Hall

Former Head of Lower School, Charlottesville, VA

Founder, Always Learning Education

Author of The Common Arts Tradition, Classical Academic Press



Christine Perrin

Senior Lecturer and Director of Writing, Messiah College, Harrisburg, PA

Author and Editor, Classical Academic Press



Andrew Smith

Dean of Academics, Veritas School, Richmond, VA

Director, Alcuin Fellowship Mid-Atlantic



Brian Williams

Dean, Templeton Honors College, Eastern University, St. David’s, PA


Additionally, members of the leadership team at Veritas will be available for discussions. Those include:

  • Keith Nix, Head of School
  • Tyson Lee, Head of Lower School
  • Isaac Jorgensen, Director of Athletics
  • Gretchen Gregory, Director of Admissions
  • Lesley Lanphear, Director of Academic Support



Spots are limited to 35 participants. Act quickly!



Every year  the Alcuin Fellowship conducts retreats for school faculties in various regions of the country. We try to keep the size manageable (less than 35 teachers) in order to encourage great conversation and fellowship.

This year we will be hosting four regional retreats: one in Richmond, VA; one in Santa Clarita, CA; one in Waco, TX, and one in Kansas City, MO.