Interested in becoming an Alcuin Fellow?

The Alcuin Fellowship is looking for people who are looking for us.

The pathway to becoming a Fellow is to attend one of our regional retreats. The Fellowship values friendship as an exalted virtue and seeks not mere collaborators but new friends and colleagues.  Come to a retreat and get to know us and our work–and let us get to learn of your heart, mind, and passion. This is the best way to get know the Fellowship and the Fellowship you.

All regional Fellows are interviewed for membership in a regional chapter by the Director of that chapter and perhaps one or two other Fellows that belong to that chapter. Each new Fellow is asked to commit to the chapter Fellowship for two years by engaging in a project of research and practice, coming to the annual chapter retreats, and reporting on his or her research–and possibly presenting on this research at the chapter retreats.

Any regional Fellow may apply for a research grant from the Alcuin Fellowship.